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About the Artist

Hollie DeFrancisco hails from the eastern shores of Massachusetts where her creative journey began. As a young girl her father showed her the wonders of drawing, pulling out carbon sheets and fantasy reference images, and that is where her passion bloomed. Van Gogh said drawing is the first step in painting and for her it was the first step in becoming a painter.

In 2010 Hollie graduated from Jacksonville University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts where her professor honed her chaotic passion into polished craft. She has created many works, some the world will never see, armed with self doubt, persistence, and a desire to create.

It is her pleasure to be able to release interpretations of nature and beauty into the public eye. Her visual works enable the viewer to perceive the beauty we are surrounded with, both mundane and brilliant, in an entirely new light. It is her aim to bring wonder to the universe.

Artist Statement

Survival and growth are key. Inspired by an extreme love of both horror and fairy tales I use both real and imagined entities to explore the deep emotional connections we form with the world around us and how those connections shape our personalities or perspectives. I generally work in acrylic paint, allowing heavy textures and brushstrokes to dominate my backgrounds, working in thinner and lighter layers as I bring my subjects forward. I thrive on working in an intuitive manner, allowing my mediums to dictate how best to respresent a subject instead of heavily planning each and every brushstroke. I feel if you avoid planning too heavily the work is allowed to develop a life all its own and become more than a static image.

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