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 Price List

Attention Indie Artists! I love you all and your work. Commissioning pieces from me for your vibrant works not only means bringing your work to visual life, but I will also promote your work across all my feeds. I want everyone in the world to know the awesome things being made.



Alternatively, if you are interested in purchasing one of my original works please feel free to visit my shop at: Tictail for original paintings or Fine Art America for art prints and miscellaneous products I do my very best to keep inventory updated and aside from originals there are also prints available. Thanks everyone for your interest and support.




(per page)

Cover:                    $80-$150

Sketch work:        $30-$50

Inking:                   $75-$100

Lettering:              $15-$30

Full color:              $50-$150



8x10:                        $25-$50

12x18:                      $50-$90

18x24:                      $75-$125




8x10:                        $30-$60

12x18:                      $60-$120

18x24:                      $100-$200

24x36:                      $150-$300

36x48:                      $250-$500





Front Cover:               $50-$80

Back Cover:                $30-$50

Full Wrap:                   $80-$150

Chapter headings:    $15-$30

Lettering*:                  $15-$30

Book Design               $50-$100



Sandfly Class -  $75

Front Cover
1 Chapter Heading
Illiad Class - $150
Full wrap
3 Chapter Headings
Firefly Class - $200
Full wrap
6 chapter headings
Book Design

*Lettering simply refers to the typography on the book covers and layout of the text. 


If you are unsure what category your project would fall under, have a project not specified above, or would like a size not specified please feel free to contact me and I will happily make up a custom quote for you. Prices are loosely based and vary depending on complexity and size.

Cost of shipping for original works is the responsibility of the purchaser. If you need a shpping quote please let me know, I will happily provide one.

Notice on copyright: 

Sales of artwork do not transfer copyrights - you may not reproduce, copy, or otherwise misrepresent this artwork without my expressed permission. Thank you! 

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